Monday, November 30, 2009

okay then. gift ideas

I'm looking at you, Kim. pesterer. ;)

Rowan is getting a leapfrog didg for Christmas. It has the Indiana Jones game. Any other game would be great.
Niall is getting a leapfog TAG for his birthday. It comes with The Cat in the Hat. Any other book would be great.
Eleri is a baby. She wants whatever the boys have and nothing she has. She wears clothing in the 12 months size range. She loves the hotwheels monster trucks.

I'm still trying to think of other things.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

When you get your Christmas card

When you get your Christmas card, and it's so cute and might be missing the actual text (I have no idea if I did it right when I ordered it) just take a minute and consider what it takes to get a picture like this:

Aren't they sweet? Pixie gives it thumbs up.

Because most of the pictures look like this:

Hooray for digital cameras!
and a very Merry Christmas to you (early)
from the Davis Family.