Monday, April 28, 2008

Today I will knit

I just need to get off this computer first.

But here:

Yes, already! I'm 12 weeks, but I'm hobbit-sized and I have no torso.
Just nod and tell me I'm cute. I cried over not having sketti sauce last night. Ok?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Paint John, Paint!

Isn't it a wonderful man who will climb up on a 10 foot ladder to paint a room for you,
while you do the minimum of taping and painting at the edges,
and spend the rest of the time watching and telling him how pretty it is
from the safety and comfort of the couch?

Thursday, April 24, 2008


So Rowan crashed his bike for the first time yesterday.
He wiped out nicely, going too fast and trying to turn too sharply.
He skinned his knee a little, nothing bad, and we did the bactine and bandaids routine and went back outside.
He wasn't up for getting on the bike again, so I told him some Uncle Doug stories about how he used to wipe out on his bike all the time.
Rowan was very interested in this, asking a bunch of questions.
I told him how Uncle Doug would crash really badly, and his legs would get all scabby and he'd get right back on his bike and keep on trying to do big tricks anyway.
Rowan says, "Even when his legs were all scabby and hurty?"
"hmmm. So THAT'S why he looks that way."

Heee hee hee! Sorry Doug!


Niall has been coming up with the funniest things lately.
This weekend I was lying down for a nap while he was napping. We don't let him nap past 3:30 or so, because he won't go to bed, so John opened the door to his room about then so he'd wake up. Then he decided to go outside and get Rowan from the neighbor's house.
So when Niall woke up I was sleeping and he didn't know where anyone was.
I woke to him walking through the house calling,

"People! Where are you? Peeeepuuuuuullll!"

Not Mommy. Not Daddy. Not even Rowan. It seems any people would suffice.

Also, when his zipper needs doing, he asks, "Mommy, do my barn door?"

Monday, April 21, 2008

Pregnancy craving

Take 2 waffles.
Spread one with Nutella, and the other with peanut butter (preferably smuckers natural).
Stick them together.
Eat with milk.

It tastes like a Nutty Bar.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Milestone - solo!

Rowan has always been reluctant to any steps to remove training wheels from his bike. I knew he could balance because I got him one of those little scooters for Christmas and if he can balance on those two little dinky wheels he can ride a bike.
So then I was reading about balance bikes, and how it's better to use those instead of training wheels because the child actually learns to lean and whatnot. But balance bikes are $$. But then my neighbor offered an old rusty 12" bike to us that we would be free to destroy. So we removed the pedals (actually had to saw them off they were rusted on, no going back now), chain, etc, and there you go. Balance bike.
He played with it all week and built up his nerve. And then I took the training wheels of his bike and said, "This is just like the walky bike, only it has pedals!" Wow! Concept!
It worked!
Rowan rides a bike.

In other news, I'm feeling like a human being again. So much that I'm actually considering knitting again! Hurray!

Monday, April 14, 2008

that knitting mojo

A long time ago Tanya lost her knitting mojo, and I said, "maybe you're pregnant." And you know what... I was right.
I didn't quite understand how the mojo could go away. Knitting is soothing and calming. Yarn is soft and lovely. How on earth could it be bad in any way?
Ya. That's what I said from the other side. But this time I've had a problem with my own mojo. I stil love the way the stitches all line up so nicely on the needle, and the way the colors come together as you progress on your work, but something about the way they slide from side to side...
**grabs spinning head***
I'm behind. I'm behind on my waiting list, and my personal knitting hasn't moved out of the bag. I've not even cast on a stitch for the occupant - and you know that's the first thing people ask - what are you knitting for the new baby?
Knitting? I'm proud of myself for managing clean (unfolded) clothing and food (when John doesn't step up and cook it) for the fam. Today is a banner day because I ran the vacuum.
I'm working on it kids. I am. I miss it terribly.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Why I haven't been knitting...

It's been making me really dizzy to knit. Very dizzy. and that makes me make mistakes that I have to go back and fix. Over and over and over. And I've had other things on my mind...

Yes, Baby D #3, also known as "The Occupant," is scheduled to arrive sometime around the 9th of November. Am I a little bit nutsy? Probably. But look at the cute little blob up there and tell me you didn't saw awwwww. :) And anyway, I've said over and over that I'm pretty good at motherhood. It's what I do.

Some of you may remember the horrendous time I had when I was pregnant with Rowan. And then with Niall, it was still pretty rough, but not as bad. This time it's still not a walk in the park, but it's worlds better than I've ever had it before. Dizzy and not knitting for a few weeks? That I can cope with. And they say that since it's normal morning sickness it should pass sometime in the next couple of weeks. Then all I have to do is get large. And we ALL know how well the woman with no waist does that.

Friday, April 04, 2008

ya ya

Hanging in there. Here's a dose of cute to tide you over.