Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I really like how this is knitting up! I'd talk more, but Niall is starting to ask for his bedtime snack.

Monday, June 19, 2006

It's not a soaker, but it's knitting

I'm enjoying this break from knitting soakers. It's refreshing to knit something that isn't in the round, and isn't just straight knit stitches. These are Rowan's new slippers, before felting. I knitted them last week, but promised him that he could be there for the felting, and between naps and going out of town for the weekend we just didn't get to felting them until today. They are knit with 100purewool in the brique colorway, held doubled so I could make guage without having it so loose it would shrink to nothing. I put a #2 pencil in the picture so you could see the difference in size pre- and post felting.
Rowan was very impressed with his "shrinking slippers" as he called them. I think I will make these in mass quantities over the next few months, and have my Christmas gifts all taken care of. :)

Oh yes, the pattern is the Felted Mocs pattern from Little Turtle Knits if you'd like to make them for yourself.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Stripe me up

These are Melissa's striped shorts for nighttime. I really like the colors she picked. They're so cheery and make me think of the beach somehow.
So that's it. Other than Jasmine, I'm through the waiting list. Summer is slow anyway. I'm not going to do any extra advertising right now and enjoy a short break. I have mittens and mocs to complete, and might even get a chance to sew a bit. I'll probably get bored in a week or so, but a break will do me - and my wrists - a bit of good.
But if you're thinking of ordering, now is the time. There's pretty much no wait. :)

Thursday, June 08, 2006

We're outsourcing

No not really, but this was much too cute to keep to myself.

The funny thing is, he kept wiggling the needles back and forth, and didn't drop any stitches at all. :) Maybe it a few years we'll have Knits by Niall available. :D

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I'm going to try to be better about blogging

At least that's what I said as I sat down to post this picture... but the put the picture in part isn't working, so I can't make it all prettified with the text to one side and all. I get discouraged. And then I go back to check it and it works. So pretty it is!
Yes the laptop is at best buy again getting "repaired." I am trying to convince John to sell it so we can buy a new Apple. Like the trusty machine I'm on. 7 years old, going mostly strong, and has only needed a repair once in its life.
But anyway....
The above picture is of Niall's shorts, using the "birds" colorway from 100purewool. What strange shorts. They look green and then you get closer and they're all these colors. Very nice. Of course, I haven't put the elastic in the waist or tucked in any ends inside. I tend to procrastinate doing that. But it was only 73ish today, so my motivation for shorts is pretty low. I'll get them done eventually, and then take pictures of them and the fresh blue ones I did (same yarn) and put them in the gallery.

This is where I am on Melissa's order as of about 9 pm.

These are nice and thick, using lamb's pride bulky. On 7s. Overkill? Maybe. But when it's for night I go for bulletproof, and these are nice and stretchy still. 4.5sts to the inch means they're working up quickly too.
I need to get some peace fleece...

Sunday, June 04, 2006

in the navy

We can put your mind at ease... What a nut job song. But then The Village People weren't really in to deep lyrics now were they?
These are Katy's navy shorts. They make me think that Niall could use a pair of navy shorts that would go with everything. I just might have to go grab another ball and make him a pair. If they have that dye lot still....

I have the night off since I can't start Melissa's night weight shorts until I get a new ball of yarn. Soo...

I'll finish Niall's shorts in the "birds" colorway. Could I not knit? John's asked me that. I can't just sit on the couch anymore. My hands have to be busy. I guess that's how I can be lazy without feeling like a sloth...