Sunday, April 22, 2012

365 for March

Mommy was asking for a post to the blog.

365 for March

That's the 365 for March. The doula work and travel has put me behind. I'm not putting up the oopsie picture when I miss days, either. You can count, right?

I just dumped a bunch of pictures to flickr last night. Most of our flickr is marked friends and family only, so if you can't see a bunch of pictures, that's why. Get an account and make me your contact, and you'll see them once I mark you down. ;)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I may have a bit of a problem

My grand plans for today involved cleaning up my house and organizing things. It all started when I couldn't find the spindle of blank CDs. I joined a CD swap, and I'm already late sending mine out.
That's not unusual. I have issues with mailing things on time. But everywhere I looked, it seemed like yarn was in the way... So I got sidetracked and ended up tossing the stash. - No, not into the garbage!

Tossing is when you go through the stash, look at it, check for moths, wind what needs winding, and sort it in some new and exciting way to try and make it fit where you have to keep it.

It is currently all over my living room.  :|
In fact, it is currently at war with the laundry that needs folding, battling to see who will be supreme leader of the couch.

In my madness of the day, I decided that part of my problem is that I go looking for yarn to use, and never know if I have enough in the stash to do a whole project. I had the bright idea to weigh anything that didn't have its label, and sort them out by weight and then if they are solid or a colorway.
It was fun in a super anal retentive sort of way.

I now know how much yarn I have. While it is a lot, I was sure I had more. That means that somewhere, some skeins have gone renegade. Where? Who knows? Maybe I knit them after all, because it's only a vague sense of "wasn't there more?" instead of a definite knowing that something specific is hiding from me.
I even found a couple of balls that I was sure had been gone long ago.

So here I will present to you some of the fruits of my labor. This is a bowl/art installation that I will call Snack Size Yarn. It is only colorways - no solids. Every ball weighs less than 1oz. If there were several balls of the same colorway and dye lot, they got put into a bag together and didn't make it to the bowl.
Oh wait. I just spotted that wee yellow bit down front there. It's a solid. It's going to have to go into the solid bag.

These are just the under 1oz bits. I put them all in a basket, and their total weight all together is 1lb 6oz.

The 1-2oz bits are in another pile, and the over 2oz bits get to hang out with the full skeins. It's a complicated system, but I think we call all agree...
I might have a little bit of a yarn problem.

Monday, April 02, 2012


I keep meaning to do a big catch up of this, that, and the other thing. It's been busy around here. I finished my DONA certification stuff, and went to Atlanta to help a friend with her new baby. Rowan has started baseball. Cub scouts is still going strong. Stuff stuff stuff.
I've finally come to realize that it isn't going to happen any time soon, and I should just post something already. So here you are.

The boys needed haircuts today. The hair rule in our house is the same one I grew up with - you keep it clean and groomed and you can have it cut any way you wish. Rowan wants to grow his out again, so he got a bowl cut. Niall chose a mohawk.