Sunday, August 31, 2008

Well? What do you think?

The first picture is with Niall, the second is this baby.
Both pictures are me at 30 weeks.

I think I'm smaller this time around.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pregnancy Update

I went for my 30 weeks visit today and met the new doc in the practice.

They got the results from the redo of my gestational diabetes test. The first one I had a 136 on it and the cut off is 140 so they wanted me to retake it just to make sure. This time I got a 114, so no worries there at all.

They had to start the asthma protocol on me today since they put me on pulmicort. I wasn't on the protocol already because I hadn't been taking any meds, but with the summer ozone and baby taking up my lungs, and how much trouble I'd been having... ya, so I'm on it now.
This means I have to do a peak flow at every visit (I got above 400 today -excellent. The best I've ever gotten was 450).
I also had a quick ultrasound today to check growth. Surprise! It was nice to have a peek. She's perfect, head down, and weighing about 3lbs right now. Plenty of fluid and all looks good.
And now I'll have an NST done at 34 weeks as part of the protocol too. I need to figure out if I'm bringing Niall along for that, and what I'm doing with him otherwise. Although he's so interested in hearing the baby I imagine that he'd just sit there listening with wide eyes if I end up needing to bring him along.

All in all, everything is looking good. Rowan will be on track break for my next visit, so he'll get to come too. He's excited about that because he's been asking about how they hear the baby's heart, so that will be fun for him to see.

I'll be officially 30 weeks on Sunday, and I'm going to take a picture then because I have a picture of me at that point from when I was pregnant with Niall, and I honestly think I was much bigger then. It will be interesting to look at them and compare.

On the knitting front, I'm working on a pair of navy blue britches for an order. And a purple sweater for the baby. No pics though. I can't find the camera cord.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sometimes it's so hard to keep from laughing out loud

I picked Rowan up from school today. This was our conversation in the van on the way home.

Rowan: Mom, I met a new kid today. And he said that he saw this guy who had rings in his nose and his eyes and his EARS! and a mohawk.

Me: Really?

Rowan: Yes!

Me: Well, you can't get any rings yet. You can just have a mohawk.

Rowan: Ya that guy was kind of scary. He was some kind of teenager.

Me: Oh.

Rowan: And he was kissing a girl in the parking lot.

Me: Well, you can't go kissing girls in the parking lot yet either, ok?

Rowan: Ya, that would be kind of dangerous.