Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sometimes it's so hard to keep from laughing out loud

I picked Rowan up from school today. This was our conversation in the van on the way home.

Rowan: Mom, I met a new kid today. And he said that he saw this guy who had rings in his nose and his eyes and his EARS! and a mohawk.

Me: Really?

Rowan: Yes!

Me: Well, you can't get any rings yet. You can just have a mohawk.

Rowan: Ya that guy was kind of scary. He was some kind of teenager.

Me: Oh.

Rowan: And he was kissing a girl in the parking lot.

Me: Well, you can't go kissing girls in the parking lot yet either, ok?

Rowan: Ya, that would be kind of dangerous.


Grumpy said...

At least he is looking out for his physical safety! LOL! Love it!

Emily said...

LOL! Too cute, Milli, too darn cute.