Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

First day of school!

I'm stealing a friend's idea to always take the first day of school pictures in front of the car, because that dates them. Then we can look back and remember when the van was new, or when we drove that van.
1st day of 2nd grade by you.

His hair is spiked, his collar popped (his idea. No I am not trying to revive the 80s), and he's ready to go.
1st day of 2nd grade by you.

It took a little over half an hour to get there. Traffic wasn't bad at all.Walking up to school by you.
Rowan's first day of 2nd grade by you.
We'll see you at 3:10, Rowan! Have a great day!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Rowan's new school

We had open house and meet the teacher today at Rowan's new school. Here are a few pictures to show you what it's like.
Rowan and Niall explore the new school by you.
Rowan at one of the math stations by you.
They use these chains to figure out math problems.

Phonics station by you.
Drawers with letter combos on the outside and objects on the inside for phonics.
Checking out an item from a phonics box by you.

In the science area by you.
Science. Rowan's favorite subject.
We're very happy. I got his school t shirt this afternoon for him to have for field trip and spirit days, and he hasn't taken it off yet.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Today was the perfect combo of lighting and patience to get pictures of the kids' eyes.
And can you just swoon? I mean, look at this:

He has his daddy's eyes. Isn't he dreamy?

And this?
Trying to capture Niall's eyes by you.
We are in T.R.O.U.B.L.E.

And this...
trying to capture Eleri's eyes by you.
Are those even real?

How many times do John and I look at each other and ask ourselves how we managed to have such gorgeous kids... And I have to say no to these eyes when they're begging. It's a tough job, I tell you. They don't make it easy!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Yesterday, I finally finished the wallpapering in the boys' room. It's almost all the way done. I still have to make the curtain (machine is in the shop) and paint the other wall, but the wallpapering is done! Well, except for the border that will go on the painted wall. But still... done!

airplane room by you.airplane room by you.dancing boys in airplane room by you.
And here's the closet after a visit to Ikea.
closet by Ikea by you.
I have cuts on the tip of one finger, and my body is sore from climbing up and down off that stool over and over again, but YAY! I think it looks pretty awesome, and the kite that Pop and Fannie gave the boys goes great with the rest of the room.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Flick!

My view for much of the day....


I took last week off, and then started this week with the grand intentions of getting back into the swing of things and posting every day again. And then the phone rang.
You know how sometimes you get some sort of news, and it swoops along and changes everything? This was one of those phone calls. It was the charter Montessori school that we applied to last spring. Rowan had been wait listed. Last we checked, he was 12 on the list, so we were pretty much resigned to it not happening.
But it did. They called on Monay offering him a spot, and at first I didn't know what to say. I mean, the poor guy has been at school since July 7th, and the Montessori school is on a traditional calendar. And this would be his 3rd school in as many years. But... but... but...
I freaked out a little and called Amy asking what I should do. I drove over to the elementary school, Niall and Eleri in tow, and asked them what I would have to do to withdraw him. What did they think? Was I crazy? I talked to his guidance counselor. We made a plan. And then I ran back home and packed a lunch to take back to his school so we could eat with him and give him the news.
I called John and made sure he was in agreement. I called the school and accepted the slot. I called Mom and Fran to give them then news. And the whole time running through the back of my mind was He got it. He got it. Thank you, God. Thank you, God. He got it! and I was crying because I was so happy.
It threw me all in a spin. I forgot the grocery store. I forgot to get refills at the pharmacy. I forgot about the laundry and the bathroom and every other thing. And Tuesday I was driving over to the new school to pick up paper work, and still walking around in a daze of thanks and happiness and well being. And Wednesday was his last day at the elementary school (this was the plan we agreed on) because it was early release day and we were keeping the neighbor kids for the afternoon until their Mom could get home. And Thursday was going to the Walmart and getting some of his new school supplies (like a clipboard and construction paper and... and... and...) and forgetting once again to buy food because - YAY! School!
It's difficult to comprehend unless you've seen him. How much this means for how he learns and how terribly bright he is and how the drudgery of worksheets and centers (OH the horrid CENTERS) were killing his little sense of self. It's an answer to prayer.
And so we ate pizza one night and KFC one night and hot dogs one night... because I kept forgetting that we still needed to eat in all the fog of new and thanks and Rowan is home from school because he's on break now because his new school doesn't start until the end of the month.

Is it any wonder I didn't remember a thing about a piddly little blog?

Monday, August 10, 2009

High Five!

You all know that we love AmeriFace, cleftAdvocate, and the support they've given us since Rowan was a baby. Here's a chance to give them a high five for all the work they've done. And thanks from us!