Monday, August 17, 2009


Yesterday, I finally finished the wallpapering in the boys' room. It's almost all the way done. I still have to make the curtain (machine is in the shop) and paint the other wall, but the wallpapering is done! Well, except for the border that will go on the painted wall. But still... done!

airplane room by you.airplane room by you.dancing boys in airplane room by you.
And here's the closet after a visit to Ikea.
closet by Ikea by you.
I have cuts on the tip of one finger, and my body is sore from climbing up and down off that stool over and over again, but YAY! I think it looks pretty awesome, and the kite that Pop and Fannie gave the boys goes great with the rest of the room.


Fannie said...

Well, you should be proud of yourself, Mom!! Great job! It looks very nice to me. I bet they love it.

Drea said...

Looks great!!

annafowler said...


I just clicked on your blogging link from your ca post. What an adorable picture of Rowan that is. And I love the boys' room! So fun with those clouds!