Friday, May 26, 2006

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

We're heading off for the weekend, so I'm taking a bit of time.
I finally finished and sent Renee's two XXL shorts

And I'll get home ready to start on my next project.

Oh, the Winnie the Pooh shorts for the Connecting Through Cloth event went over very well! I'm proud of them and the money they raised to help Emily with baby Rosa's adoption. I do have pictures, but they aren't in photobucket yet (computer issues) so if you didn't see them check back after the weekend and they'll be in my album.

Thanks! And have a safe weekend!

Monday, May 15, 2006


I am fighting off carpal tunnel and knitting XXL shorts. It feels like I'm not getting anywhere, but surely this will end someday. Right?

Monday, May 08, 2006

Plugging along

We went out of town this weeknd to see Rachel and new little baby Jane. She is soooo sweet. I just love newborns and all their little moans and groans. :)
We're back home today and I'm picking back up Renee's first pair of shorts. I frogged the waist and redid them because they didn't look right, so now I'm back to where I was and should get through a good bit of them tonight. I need to get Rowan to help me with the inseam measuring pictures though, because I don't think I'm good at saying what's needed there. I'm hoping he'll be happy to help once Daddy is home.

In other news, John got our diaper bag back. 4 hours of driving to get it (2 there and back) but it would have been a lot more to replace everything that was in it. I'm glad, and getting less mad at myself for leaving it at the rest stop. Don't think I'll be making that mistake again!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Under the line -- 2nd time's the charm

I've finally finished Tanya's soaker after knitting it for the second time. I decided to try and leave myself plenty this time so I could make the drawstring out of the pretty stuff. Good thing I did! I managed the drawstring with about 20 inches of yarn left. I literally couldn't have come closer to disaster if I tried! *whew*

That's one I'm glad to be done with!