Friday, April 28, 2006

Frogs are chirping

As I rip out the soaker I made for Tanya. Patching was ok but the graft was painfully obvious, so away it went.
So now I'm working like a fiend this weekend to make up for it.
Right wrist is already threatening carpal tunnel, so I'm limiting computer time. I'm sure you understand.

Pride and Prejudice is a wonderful movie to knit to. I must own it.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

What we did today

After Easter sales are a great time to pick up egg dyes and try them on yarn. :)
I have been knitting as well, but my 00 hook went hiding today so I'm stalled. I have done things since the poem, but neglected to put them up here. They are in the gallery though.
I hope it's nice and breezy tomorrow to finish drying these beauties. The green and blue on the right is for Krystal. The other is as yet unclaimed.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Today, a poem

With streaming eyes
And wads of kleenex in my nose to stop the drips
I stand guard on my front porch
Perched in my chair
Sipping tea and knitting
Wiping the accumulated goo from my eyelashes
I smile at the chirps and twitters
As I look at the flowers and the yellow dust that coats the world
I feel the sun on my skin and the breeze on my face
Knocked slightly demented by antihistimine
I am determined to enjoy this season
Even if it kills me.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Someone mentioned that I need to lower my resolution for those who have dial up, so from now on I'm going to try to remember to do that for my update pictures. No worries, the gallery will still have the higher quality photos since those pics won't be on the main page.
Thanks for the suggestion!

I think my neighbor is making cake

Because I've been sitting her smelling it all afternoon as I worked to give the blog a new look. You'd think we lived in apartments or something, but that just goes to show you how little lathe and plaster insulate a house.
I did work on Stacie's shorts a bit, and will work on them more this evening. The yarn is knitting up nicely! I'm liking the shadings of green. I promise to post a progress picture before I got to bed.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Spring Sky

This is a custom colorway for Stacie, who requested "something green."
Inspired by the fresh green grass and blue skies outside my back door, it's two very similar shades of green (should look mottled when knitted if they come together well) and blue.

Now it just needs to finish drying so I can knit with it.