Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Somebody has a case of the Mondays

even though it's Tuesday.
And I have no idea where Monday went. It must have happened at some point, because we went to the dentist and Niall had no cavities, and Eleri pretty much didn't nap, and I'm so sick of the not sleeping crap I could... well... I don't know what I could do. I'm too tired to come up with something.
2 factors here with the not sleeping:
A) separation anxiety - someone thinks that she has to be physically touching me at all times, and when she wakes a little and finds me not there, all hell breaks loose
and II) Someone is learning how to slither, which means a developmental milestone and she has no choice but to sleep in her crib or she'll end up on the floor.

Try explaining that to a baby.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Flick!

No one is the center of attention around here, is she?


Jenn, can you believe these are the same glasses that Tipton used to wear?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson?

I remember sitting on the floor in Kim's room, looking at the inside of the Thriller album and him with the white tiger, thinking that he must be the coolest guy on earth.

Rowan and I watched some videos on Youtube tonight.

We'll taunt him about this some day

This is from when Mom visited us a few weeks ago. She wears makeup. I don't. Therefore, makeup is fascinating.
makeup1.jpg picture by sweetteasoakersmakeup3.jpg picture by sweetteasoakersmakeup2.jpg picture by sweetteasoakers
Some day, after his first drag show, we'll sit around and laugh about how it all started with Mamaw in the bathroom. HA!

Monday, June 22, 2009


Feeling better! Now all I have to do is reclaim the house and my life in general from the clutter and piles that happened while I was down. But it's summer... time to relax.
Rowanlokilounge.jpg picture by sweetteasoakers
Could you get any more relaxing than that?

Today's agenda: the garden. The combo of leaving it for SC, and then coming home and being sick for a week wasn't good. The weeds were taking over. The garden looked more like lawn with a few plants poking out here and there. It's not going to be that fantastic this year anyway, being the first year in the soil and all, but this was way bad.
But, it was a great opportunity to try out our new baby pool, with built in shade!
elerihippo.jpg picture by sweetteasoakers
The way it's situated provides optimal shade for the baby, but horrible lighting for pictures.
It's only big enough for her, but did that stop the boys?
3kidshippopool.jpg picture by sweetteasoakers
Not a chance. It worked out well, though. Rowan made sure she didn't tip over and I got some weeding done. And then Rowan decided to get out, so of course Eleri tipped over and I had to jump to grab her before she could try breathing water. That put an end to the weeding and pool time for the morning. I could use another couple of hands, some days...
We got some good playing in, though. Is there anything cuter than a baby splashing?
elerihippo1.jpg picture by sweetteasoakers

Friday, June 19, 2009


Cough that is. Not me. I'm so far from productive I'm going in the other direction.
Well, that may not be entirely true. I have been knitting dish cloths. Because that's about my speed at this particular point in time, and I have that bin of cotton from when they put it at 99 cents a ball and I went a little nuts. I've made a vow to get it knitted up so I can be done with it, since I'm not knitting for anyone else. I may never be knitting for anyone again. It seems like the time. First there was the whole lead testing laws, and now paypal has started charging fees on even funded things, and I'm really enjoying the not having anyone on the list and the knitting whatever I want, even if it's a dishcloth, without worrying about what I'm supposed to be doing instead. It's nice.
And it's Friday. That's nice, too. I thought I had a video, but I can't find it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


That's about what I'm saying these days. I cough so hard and so long that I get light headed and sometimes trip my gag reflex. It's lovely. Add in Niall watching me hurl and commenting, "Ew, Mom! You're really really sick!"
Ya think, kid?
So anyway, precious little of anything has been going on around here. Bare minimum. No knitting. I really want to curl up and make myself a log cabin blanket, but who has the energy? And I don't have the yarn I want for that, anyway.
I am on antibiotics now. It's getting a little better every day. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I don't even have a title for this one

We are alive. Went to SC to visit. I picked up this most horrible cold I've had in ages, so I'm getting through that. We stayed in jammies all day yesterday, and when the neighbor kids asked if the boys could play, Rowan answered, "You can't come in because my mom is sick, and we're having a jammy day so I'm not coming out."
Either he liked it, or he just wanted to keep playing the wii.
I'm going to the doctor if I'm not well by Monday.

What's bad, is that while we were down there we went to Ikea for the first time. We got so much stuff. I want to tell you all about it, but it's going to have to wait.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


We're sick. Eleri has a fever. I can feel my heartbeat in my nose.
Here. Have a picture. I watermarked it, so that's what that is.
coinslot-1.jpg picture by sweetteasoakers

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Last day of first grade

First day --- last day. What a change!
1stgradedrive.jpg picture by sweetteasoakerslastdayfirstgrade.jpg picture by sweetteasoakers

It was his last day of school, and this morning the first grade class put on a few plays that they wrote themselves. Rowan was in one called "Animal Olympics." He was the dolphin, and he won the swimming race.
rowandolphingroup.jpg picture by sweetteasoakers
rowanlines.jpg picture by sweetteasoakers
reading his lines

And of course, Rowan was the kid whose little brother wandered up to the front during the play because he wanted a mask, too.
niallmsgray.jpg picture by sweetteasoakers
It's blurry, but you try taking pics from the back of the room while holding a squirming baby.

There were refreshements, and we got to take pictures with Ms. D (baby due tomorrow!) and Ms. G.
carpetpicnic1stgrade.jpg picture by sweetteasoakersrowanandmsdoskocil.jpg picture by sweetteasoakersrowanandmsgray.jpg picture by sweetteasoakers
Then the littles and I went back home and Rowan finished his school day. He got to eat lunch outside, cleaned out his desk, and said goodbye to his teachers and his classroom. It was a good day, and he said he wished it was a little longer so he could see everyone more.
It won't last long, though! Second grade starts July 7th. We have a lot of summer to squeeze in!

Monday, June 01, 2009

I know. I know.

Do you ever have one of those days when you just feel snarly?
When you try all these things to make yourself feel better...
a little music... a little knitting... a little sewing... some dancing with the kids...
looking at a few websites... watch a little tv... play a game...
and nothing works.
You just feel all RAWR! and snarly...


Tomorrow is the last day of first grade. Don't worry. I'll take pix.