Thursday, April 24, 2008


Niall has been coming up with the funniest things lately.
This weekend I was lying down for a nap while he was napping. We don't let him nap past 3:30 or so, because he won't go to bed, so John opened the door to his room about then so he'd wake up. Then he decided to go outside and get Rowan from the neighbor's house.
So when Niall woke up I was sleeping and he didn't know where anyone was.
I woke to him walking through the house calling,

"People! Where are you? Peeeepuuuuuullll!"

Not Mommy. Not Daddy. Not even Rowan. It seems any people would suffice.

Also, when his zipper needs doing, he asks, "Mommy, do my barn door?"

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Grumpy said...

HA! Love it. S's Sism is Look at those Robots.... anything in a helmet these days is a robot!