Sunday, April 20, 2008

Milestone - solo!

Rowan has always been reluctant to any steps to remove training wheels from his bike. I knew he could balance because I got him one of those little scooters for Christmas and if he can balance on those two little dinky wheels he can ride a bike.
So then I was reading about balance bikes, and how it's better to use those instead of training wheels because the child actually learns to lean and whatnot. But balance bikes are $$. But then my neighbor offered an old rusty 12" bike to us that we would be free to destroy. So we removed the pedals (actually had to saw them off they were rusted on, no going back now), chain, etc, and there you go. Balance bike.
He played with it all week and built up his nerve. And then I took the training wheels of his bike and said, "This is just like the walky bike, only it has pedals!" Wow! Concept!
It worked!
Rowan rides a bike.

In other news, I'm feeling like a human being again. So much that I'm actually considering knitting again! Hurray!

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Grumpy said...

Awesome awesome on both accounts... the bike idea is cool... have to try that one out ... and ... glad you're feeling human! :)