Monday, April 14, 2008

that knitting mojo

A long time ago Tanya lost her knitting mojo, and I said, "maybe you're pregnant." And you know what... I was right.
I didn't quite understand how the mojo could go away. Knitting is soothing and calming. Yarn is soft and lovely. How on earth could it be bad in any way?
Ya. That's what I said from the other side. But this time I've had a problem with my own mojo. I stil love the way the stitches all line up so nicely on the needle, and the way the colors come together as you progress on your work, but something about the way they slide from side to side...
**grabs spinning head***
I'm behind. I'm behind on my waiting list, and my personal knitting hasn't moved out of the bag. I've not even cast on a stitch for the occupant - and you know that's the first thing people ask - what are you knitting for the new baby?
Knitting? I'm proud of myself for managing clean (unfolded) clothing and food (when John doesn't step up and cook it) for the fam. Today is a banner day because I ran the vacuum.
I'm working on it kids. I am. I miss it terribly.

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