Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Extreme knitting

I should have known when Nicole contacted me, saying that she wanted to have something from an extreme knitter. What's an extreme knitter? Well, it comes from this picture that I had in my signature on diaperpin for a while. Just me and John taking silly pictures with a football helmet. Fun times.
So anyway... I said sure! She wanted to order yarn. I said 8oz would be plenty! It usually is! Right?
Can you imagine my horror when I realized that I would run out of yarn when the second leg was still 3" too short? Especially after my own "not enough yellow to finish the rugbies" fiasco? (hey at least that was for my own pants)
So after some emailing back and forth over what our options are... Me finding out that 8oz of Big Blue only has 250 yards (instead of the usual over 400yds of the kinds I usually use - yipe!)... measuring of the intended child to find out the difference in the diapering inseam and the actual inseam differ just enough... exactly enough... for me to finish said longies with just this much yarn left!!!!! Extreme knitting? My my. It's enough to make this knitter sweat buckets.

However, the finished longies are so yummy, they're nearly good enough to eat. And they're so squishy and thick. It's like falling in love. I might just have to take my chances with the big blue again someday.

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