Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pixie Dust sweater

I started this one when Rowan had his pre op and finished it the night before his post op. It didn't take that long to knit, but I didn't have a lot of knitting time along in the middle there.
I think she likes it.
The pattern is the KPS Baby Cardigan, only I made button loops and used sheepy buttons instead of making ties. The yarn is from Mosaic Moon, in the Pixie Dust colorway.

The Pixie has reached a very hard to photograph age. She's on the MOVE and isn't stopping for anybody, much less that same old momperson behind the camera.

She has not yet learned the art of going in and out through the dog door, but I fear that it's not too far in the future. It's a good thing we gate off the kitchen most of the time.


Sarah said...

That face, that smile and that rear end definitely brightened my day!

Love the sweater!!!

Spring said...

Pixie dust colorway. Of course... :) I love the sheep on the sweater and The Pixie looks adorable in it. ;)

Catherine Anne said...

She is such a doll

Frances said...

Oh, thanks for posting. I needed a look at Eleri. She changes so fast. Love the sweater!

Grumpy said...

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! You make the cutest little Pixies! :)