Monday, May 17, 2010

Niall's prize

The library had a drawing in the kids' section for a pillow buddy.
They're getting ready to kick off their summer reading programs.
It was one entry per child, and I almost didn't enter them, but then
we ended up going back to the library because Rowan changed his
mind about what country he wanted to do for his school project, so I
entered them then.

And this evening we got the call that Niall won one! They were giving 3 total.
He was SO EXCITED. I was going to wait and get it at storytime tomorrow
but that was much too long to wait.

He was hilarious when we went to pick it up. We got to the front desk and he
says, "Now what do I do?"
So I told him, "Say who you are."
So he looks at the librarian and says, "Who you are!" snarf
I barely kept from laughing and told him to tell them his name.
They were laughing and telling him what a lucky boy he is, and how nice it is,
and they hoped that he had lots of fun reading with his pillow buddy.

I'm still laughing over "who you are!"

He took the pillow to bed with him.

Niall's prize


Britta said...

I love it when kids are excited about the library and reading. Book buddies and reading pillows are GREEEAT!

- B

Grumpy said...

How cute is that. I love it too when they don't know how to act and are so Literal! :)