Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pinewood Derby

Rowan had his first run in the Pinewood Derby today. His wasn't the fastest car there, but this was his first year making one. I'm still pretty impressed at what they were able to make out of a solid block of wood.
His car was a boat, and we decided it was really a log flume boat, so the people riding it had to have their hands in the air because they were screaming. Please note the Harry Potter lightening bolt on the side. No car of Rowan's would be complete without some sort of reference to Harry Potter.
He got 3rd place, for Most Unique. Not bad for a first try. I'm sure he already has ideas for his car for next year.


Britta said...

Aden had his yesterday!!! Congrads Rowan!

sdcarroway said...

So cool! Congrats to Rowan !!