Monday, March 28, 2011

The Pixie and her Mamaw

Taking a picture of Mom is an exercise in endurance. She doesn't like to have it done, and even when she doesn't know that I have the camera on her she makes a face.
Remember that episode of friends when Chandler and Monica needed engagement pictures?
My mom is a Chandler.
That's why when I get a good picture of mom, I get really excited. She'll tell you that it came out because she's not looking at the camera, so you can't see her face. I think that every once in a while she's having so much fun that she forgets that I'm trying to capture her on film. She's really a beautiful woman. I love this picture of her with our Pixie.

Two beautiful girls
The whole set of pictures from our trip to SC can be found here.

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Drea said...

That is a great photo Milli!