Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I've been showering, I promise

But something around here must smell funky, because this afternoon we've had a visitor out there.
Yeah, that's just the thing you want to see when you're taking care of your friend's kids, right? Don't worry about what we'll do with ourselves all afternoon. We have entertainment here. We have a buzzard.
It didn't even move when John got home. It just sat there in the driveway, looking hot. So John, being the suburban mountain man that he is, tried to chase it off. 
With the garden hose.
Did the bird fly away? Oh no. Not a bit.
That fool bird walked around like it was enjoying the shower.
Come to think of it, maybe it's not so foolish after all. It's pretty hot out there, and the hose probably felt good.
But now it's out there, hanging out next to the mailbox, and it's not leaving. 
Maybe it's waiting for us to put the garbage out? It is garbage night. Maybe that's why it showed up in the first place?
I'm not sure, but I don't want to go out there. The mail lady came, but it was in the driveway when she came by. She still didn't leave any mail for us, so I have little incentive to go out there. 
Jenn will be here to get her kids in another hour or so. 
You could come over, too. You can't miss us. We're the house with the lawnbuzzard.


Grumpy said...

Don't be surprised if you gain a few more lawn ornaments that look similar. These birds are pack birds and where there is one, generally more will follow!

Its not injured is it? I know they're not afraid of people, but will generally move away when approached.

S will be so jealous! LOL! She loves these ugly creatures! :)

Anonymous said...

maybe it's after your giraffe?