Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The new TV cabinet

It's not all the way done, but it's mostly there. I still have to finish a shelf inside, and pretty up the outside a bit, but it's done enough to use and not sit in the kitchen, so yay!
This was what it looked like when we picked it up.
It was brown and brass, and smelled like old. But it was a good size and $80 and made out of wood instead of pressboard, so it was good.
I learned a lot doing this project. I learned all about different grits of sandpaper, and how to strip off varnish. I also learned about polyurethane and sanding between coats and how you really should let it cure etc etc. It takes a lot of work to strip an old cabinet down and stain it to look like something new! I learned how to install a drawer, and how you have to be exact in your measuring so it will work. I also learned about wood glue, shims, and using a 1" spade bit on the drill. All sorts of learning going on over here!
John did most of the chemical stripping. I did most of the sanding (Rowan helped a tiny bit) and I did all of the staining. I'm still considering what to do to the outside to pretty it up. It came out a darker green than I originally thought it would, but I think it looks awesome. So here it is - the outside of it anyway, with the new TV on top.
I moved the handles so they are in a more normal place for doors that swing out, and used new hardware for that. I also spray painted the brass trim on the bottom black, to match the new handles. It's hard to see on film against the dark green. You'll have to trust me on that.
Here's the whole TV corner
No, we still don't have baseboards. Yes, that floor project was a long time ago. We're managing just fine without them so far. 
The DVD player is shallow, but wide. Too wide to fit in the cabinet. But I had those black shelves that we got from Ikea last summer when I was doing the bathroom. They said brown/black in the store, and looked brown there, but looked black once I got them home. So I stuck them in the closet until now. I planned on using one for the Antenna anyway, so using one for the DVD player went well. I will probably paint or sharpie or whatever the supports so they're black, too.
I think it came out pretty nice! And it doesn't smell like old anymore. The new green stain took care of that. I still love the little legs, and that it's a pretty solid piece of furniture. Yay! And I'm so glad it's over.

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Nancy said...

You did a great job, Milli!