Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Doggy Dentist

Rowan got his braces off last week, and when the orthodontist took them off he mentioned that he was extra careful not to pull out any of Rowan's loose teeth. Apparently, he has quite a few in there!
Look, Mom! No braces!
Rowan mentioned that his molar was pretty loose this morning. It was, but it seemed like it would be a while yet. Not so! He wiggled it all day, and by this evening he had it loose enough to do something he's been wanting to try for a while - the doggy dentist.
See, we've joked in the past about how we should tie a thread to a loose tooth and tie the other end to one of the dogs, and then tell the dog there was a squirrel or bunny so they would run off, and pull out the tooth in the process.
Rowan wanted to try it out for real.
So, we did! I got a long piece of thread and tied it around Rowan's loose tooth. We put the harness on Bosco, and went outside to tie the other end of the thread to the loops where the leash clips on. Then John held Bosco so I could snap a picture of the setup. I mean, we needed evidence of this.
All hooked up and ready to go.
We started telling Bosco there were squirrels and bunnies, but he wasn't quite buying it. And then, a REAL bunny came out of nowhere and went hopping across the neighbor's yard. That was all it took. Bosco was after it and the tooth was out of there! It was hilarious.
Rowan has quite a few loose teeth. We might let Loki do the next one.

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