Friday, November 09, 2012

Little bitty

Eleri had her 4 year old well visit this week. She is healthy, but tiny. Tiny enough, that if we took a year off her age, she would still be at the bottom of the growth chart. Developmentally, she does everything a 4 year old should do. She can dress herself, she plays pretend things, strangers can understand her speech, she can jump and climb...
But she's tiny. And so, we are going to be seeing the endocrinology people at Duke to see if they can't figure out why.
She's where the purple dots are on the chart.
Her height and weight match, and that is good. She might have a problem making growth hormone. She might make enough growth hormone, but her body doesn't recognize it. She might just be small for no apparent reason. 
I'm not worried. I think she's fine and perfectly wonderful as she is. But if she some day wonders why she's so much smaller than her friends, and if it's something that is treatable, we should now about it. So, we'll see what they say.

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Nancy said...

She is just beautiful! That's good that she is being tested just in case it is something that can be addressed.