Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dancing Queen

This morning, Eleri had her very first ever dancing class. We found a small dance company in Raleigh that does Irish dancing for fun only. No competitions or trophies or a bazillion costumes and fees. Fun and culture = just what we were looking for.
She LOVED it. She loved it so much, she cried when it was time to leave. She wanted to stay all day!
I only had my iPod with me for pictures. This was our trial class so I didn't want to show up with the huge camera and all. It took her about half the class to figure out that she wasn't supposed to run around skipping everywhere, and after that she was super good at following along and doing what her teacher was doing. Her teacher said that she did great - especially for someone who had never set foot in a class before today.
I was in raptures over the cuteness. Here it is hours later and I'm still grinning.
Coming soon: an Etsy store to fund Eleri's dancing class. The company takes paypal!
For now (grainy ipod) pictures of the cute

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