Thursday, June 13, 2013

Last day of school 2013

I'm so far behind in blogging it's not funny. But oh well. It's the last day of school!

For Rowan, the last day of 5th grade. He's grown so much! Today's picture of Rowan is weird. His shirt is hanging funny. I didn't notice the book bag weirdness when I was taking it.
He's a little taller. His hair is a lot longer.

Niall has also grown a bunch. He couldn't smile as well because last night he woke up to go to the bathroom and tripped over some stuff on his floor. His lip met a chair and is all puffy now. The caterwauling at 2am shot me straight out of bed. But anyway...
He's grown a lot, but his hair shrank.

One more year done!
Fall 2012
And now Spring 2013

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