Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The birthday starts early

Eleri got a bit of her birthday fun early this week. We had to take the van to the shop for the scary noise it was making (no big deal, heat shield is now tightened, yay!) and I had taken her car seat out just in case we needed to put it in the green car to get somewhere.
I'd been planning to turn her forward facing for her birthday but I didn't want to install her car seat rearfacing only to turn it forward in less than a week, so we turned it early.
She loves it. She keeps saying "weeee!" and says that she loves looking forward. She looks so BIG to me now!
Putting her forward facing meant that we needed to drag the other seat out of the shed to put it in the van, so she could be behind the driver. More convenient for me during the day - especially since that door is the one that works well. The one on the passenger side is stupid and takes an act of congress to get open, and we all know how well that's been working lately...
But to get the seat out of the shed, John had to take a bunch of the outside toys out to get to it. One of those things was the bike I'd been saving for Eleri's birthday. She saw it and there was no going back. So, another birthday present early. She loves her new bike, too!

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