Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Beginner Band - Rowan's first concert

Tonight was the Winter Concert for Sterling's music program. It's about 90 minutes of musical cacophony as the students show us what they've been up to in their hours after school. This was Rowan's first year playing in the band, and he really enjoys it.

This is video number 1. There was some sort of student being ready malfunction between songs, so the wait with nothing happening got really long. I ended up stopping this one and starting another video once they were ready to play again, so you can save yourself some time by hitting the stop button on this one once the song is done.

Video number 2 (with bonus Rowan announcing one of the songs!)

It's like you were there! Except you missed the beginner violins, the advanced violins, the violin solo, the advanced band, the sterling band, the sterling singers, and the sterling stars. I could have taped it all, but Merry Christmas!

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