Saturday, September 03, 2005

blueberries started it all

I was making blueberries into baby food last weekend, when I realised just how much stuff I was straining out. It was such a pretty color I couldn't bring myself to throw it away. I'd been knitting soakers for my son to wear over his diapers, and had dyed some covers with koolaid. How much of a leap is it to use blueberry leftovers?
A ball of Lion Brand was hanging out behind my couch. I got it on sale anyway... so if it totally flops I won't be too upset. Except this is taking some time to do, so I guess I'm out the time.
At first I just took all the leavings and put them in a pot with the yarn (which was a pain to rewind into a loose hank let me tell you...) and cooked it a bit. I got a nice gray color out of that but neglected to take a picture. Then I left it to sit for a week.
Blueberries will be out of season though... so two pints later:

I've changed my method a bit, boiling and straining. It's soaking now, and I'll rinse it tomorrow and see what we get.

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Shan said...

I came across your site randomly though the pin I believe....lovely knitting :)

I wanted to comment though, I made babyfood for my older son and I bought some lovely blueberries for him too, and decided rather than waste all that flavor and color, I used it to cook/thin out my applesauce too. Blueberry applesauce was by FAR his favorite babyfood! lol!