Monday, December 04, 2006

Allllll righty!

I actually started working on the pin coop order before today, which explains why I'm a lot farther along than I would normally be after a day. :)
This is the order for Spookykitty. Coming along nicely with all the short rows in place. I should get to the graft at the crotch tomorrow, so long as the natives behave. We have a playdate tomorrow so they should take a nice nap.
I'll also be updating the wait list tomorrow, so that my friends from the 'Pin can see where they are, and know that I have not forgotten them.
As for now. I'm tired. We watched a really funny movie tonight, Gazon Maudit, and I laughed myself silly. I forgot how racey that one is. But if you speak French, (or read subtitles) and don't mind nudity, I'd recommend it.
So there you are.

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