Friday, December 01, 2006

I have loosened up considerably

yes I have since I last guaged myself on purewool. Wowsers. I used to get 13sts to the inch and now I get 11. So I've gone down a needle size and taken off 10sts (yes I did calculate for my new guage to get this, instead of just guessing) and just cast on for the new and improved waistband.

I always say that I need to mess up once at the beginning of a project to get a good result. I really need to stop saying that.

Still sick, still drinking Earl and honey. Sweet elixer of life. I do feel a bit better today but that could just be the advil talking.
Still what better excuse to leave the laundry unfolded and sit here knitting.

This weekend, I shall dash off the rest of the knitting for Ben's girls and get their box ready to go. John's taking care of Ben, and Michelle is getting some lovely softness to play with. Family in England - check.
Kim - check
Fran - check
Mom - casted on, birthday present - check
Randy, Doug, and Ruben - pattern found

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