Sunday, March 04, 2007

The saga of the pants

I made these pants for Niall. The were really cute. Targhee from Wooly Wonders, dyed in the coffee with extra cream colorway. Wonderful stuff.
And Priscilla of Be-Bops made him this shirt to match it.
It was a great outfit. Except for one thing.

the pants didn't fit.

You can imagine the horror of ripping it out.
I had to.
By the time I ordered yarn, it was dyed and sent, and I knitted it up... it would be too warm to wear them for long. I mean we do live in the south.

It was painful. Megan and Joanna were here for moral support.
So... redone. Redone well and fitting this time. I was wayyyy off. Teach me to do a guage smidgen instead of a guage swatch. And I was feeling so cocky because it had been a while since the Knitting Gods had smacked me down.
Consider me smacked.
Here's the final product though. Doesn't he look nice?


Grumpy said...

those are adorable!

Megan said...

Whoohooo! Niall looks so handsome :)

Freckle432 said...