Friday, March 16, 2007

Serious freak out

I was seriously freaking out. I'm working on the preemie hats - I know I know, Tracy wants newborn soakers, but her babies won't be here for a while yet so I'm taking my time - anyway...
I found the last of that beautiful acrylic that I think of as dusty rose. And there's only a little ball left. Might be able to get a few hats out of it though for the white and color style hats.

Why was I freaking? I couldn't remember what it was leftover from.

It started out as a big ball of yarn. I remembered winding it and how it was a big cake. There was only that little ball left and I had no clue where it had gone.

I tried to get John to help me remember. But he didn't know. He pays attention when I finish something to tell me it's pretty, and then promptly forgets. I mean, I knitted his Valentine hat right under his nose and he didn't notice. And he didn't understand why it was so important.

It was more than important. It was vital. I had this yarn, and I wound it, and made something with it, and I couldn't place what it was. That's like a piece of me went missing. Hours of my life, gone in a blip. I didn't know what it was, or who I'd given it to... nothing.

to say I was a little panicked about that is an understatement. I was on the edge of tears.

I thought of all the Christmas presents I did... the people who'd had babies... the hats... mittens... what... what?

I came here, because even if I didn't take a picture of it maybe I mentioned it. I mean, I've been trying to use up this acrylic for a while. And there it was!


I got the piece of me back.

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Megan said...

ROFL!!! :)