Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Picture heavy post

I didn't get a picture of the van. They came and got it before I could. I didn't even get to rescue the St. Christopher clipped to the visor. So here's a glum doggy face. Yes it was totaled. No we are not getting a new van right now.

Good news:

I'm no longer wearing this foul contraption on my wrist while I knit. At least not all the time.

Better news:

The adult sized soaker is finished, washed, lanolized, blocked, and mailed on its way to its new home. Woo!
Full sized picture if you want to see it better.

And now:

Here is the beginning of the Christmas Blocks longies for Jill and her little bean to be.

I can't tell you how refreshing it is to work on a newborn soaker after that really big knit. I'm positively flying along!

Anyway, it's knit night. I have cookies (They're buy one get one this week at Harris Teeter. Don't say I didn't warn you.) and Megan will be here with little Jack in a bit. Yay.

Yes. I do have the VCR set up to tape the season ender of Lost. :)

Why are there white boxes around my pictures? I don't know. Ask photoshop.


Grumpy said...

awesome workmanship on the adult size.... and I love the colours of the Christmas blocks.... I'm sorry the van was totalled. ((hugs))

Megan said...

It definetely wasn't they cookies, they were quite tasty :)