Saturday, December 15, 2007

Birthdays, toothiness, and keeping up appearances

We are settling in to the new house. Slowly but surely, the boxes are making their way out the door and into the recycling bin. Yessss! I had a deadline of sorts: Niall's birthday. I've determined not to give little man the shaft simply because his birthday falls close to Christmas, and moving wasn't going to put a dent in it either.
So he got his cake:in the shape of a Big Green Truck - as requested for the big green truck birthday party.And lots of presents. Among the favorites were the garbage truck that I snuck by him that day at the Sprawlmart, and the 5 little monkies set that Pop and Fannie sent.

In other news, Rowan lost another tooth, thus necessitating an extreme close up shot of his toothiness. Yes, the orthodontist does have his work cut out for him doesn't he?

Now that the birthday is over, we can decorate for Christmas. Of course, this has to happen on a weekend when both John and I are walking around feeling like someone has been beating us over the head with the snot stick, but get it done we shall.
Ladies and Gents, may I present our 2007 version of the tree.

And even though we are feeling a bit slack this year, what with waiting until today to get the tree up, and doing the bare minimum thus far, I carried on and got the stockings hung on the mantle. Because even if nothing else is done and you have random boxes of crap that you don't know what to do with hiding back in your bedroom... Even then, if you have a snappy looking mantle it looks like you have it all togetherEspecially if you can get the dog to lay down in front of the fire.

Merry tidings y'all. Pass me the wassail.


Jess said...

Everything looks great, kids, house, the Christmas cheer! We are slackers too... not only has everyone been sick, dh also left town. SO... still no tree here. But everything else is up that's going up. With a climber around... it makes decorating rather simple as most of it stays in the boxes!

Miss T said...

Happy Birthday !!

*Who are all those stockings for? ;D

Hope you are feeling better.