Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Dwead Piwate Wobberts is here for your soooouuuul

OK, so maybe it's not the Dread Pirate Roberts... Maybe it's just a cute little Santa Claus stocking that you promised to make for a friend of your Mom's.
You know what I'm talking about. You know about those projects that seem like they're going to be a walk in the park (No problem! famous last words) but for some reason - misalignment of planets... desertion by the knitting muse... fickle fate... - for some reason everything that can go wrong will go wrong. What should be an enjoyable time can reduce to you cowering under a blanket that you didn't knit, scowling at some cheeky Santa who insists on smiling at you from across the room, and chanting to yourself that this is an inanimate object and it's not secretly stalking you in your sleep. Right?
And how the heck do you turn a heel on something that's knit flat? I've looked at I don't know how many instructions so far, and can't figure it out to save my life. I'm going to have to improvise.
Which is the main reason that I'm only this far:

Let's not discuss how many times I've had to rip this bad boy back to get this far.
Let's also pause to note the other main reason that I'm only this far:

But, in my defense, TWO of the times I had to start over are pictured above.
(He's wearing the striped shirt.)

Please excuse me. I think I saw the Santa move...


Grumpy said...

That innocent charming face? He couldn't do that (or could he!)

Miss T said...

Look out , Santa has pointy needles too!

Megan said...

Looking fabulous! I've emailed you a couple of times the past few weeks, I'm assuming they never made it through? I'd LOVE to see the new place, we should have a knit night soon! :)