Saturday, February 09, 2008

No longer a UFO

That's right! I finally got Mom's blanket out of the basket and finished it. Sorry, but I won't post any other pictures until she actually gets it in the mail. She's been waiting for quite a while.
But if you're on Ravelry I've got a couple other pictures there, because she can't go poking around to see them. :)
I started this thing in 2006 to give to her for Christmas. Seeing as it's now 2008, you can imagine how well that went. I did give it to her... I wrapped it up and everything. It was just still on the needles at the time.
So ya... a little over a year late, even though the actual numbers of the years makes you think it would be longer. It didn't even take that long to knit. Or I'm just faster than I used to be. Probably a combination of both.

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Grumpy said...

Its beautiful from what I can see... and I totally love the angle it gives NOTHING away! LOL!