Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Grumpy Grumperton

That would be me.
Sleep is a task these days. I can't get comfy, and I've developed some strange pregnancy twitchyness so that makes it even worse. I looked around online and found that restless legs are a pregnancy thing, woo. And they think it might be a lack of iron. So today I ate a burger and cooked eggs in the cast iron skillet for dinner.
It's like I can feel the crickets chirping on my skin. *shudder* I hope it works.

In other news, we went to tour the hospital tonight, only to have our tour cancelled. We'll see if we actually get to see where we're going before we have to go there for real. But we now know that it takes 15ish minutes to get there from here. So there's that anyway.

Knitting wise, I sent this out last week
Soaker for Erin's baby by you.
For Erin to use on her baby. I've also made britches for our baby out of the same colorway. But I need to weave in ends and such on that pair.
And I sent out this pair of britches today:
Navy with light blue stripe.  Size Large by you.
They were boring to knit because of the all navy factor, but are way cute when done. They made me think of Harry Potter for some reason.

Also from today - a conversation:
Niall: Can I smell Mommy? Can I smell?
Me: Can you smell what?
Niall: Can I smell your armpit?

Yes. They helped me pick out new deodorant yesterday. Fun times.


Grumpy said...

Grin! That's funny!
Hope the restless leg thing goes away - that sucks. I get it occasionally not pregnant, makes me crazy!

Karen mom to Aaron said...

restless legs suck. I get it at night when i have done either alot of walking or riding in a car all day. did the burger help? If you like yellow mustard it helps. Eat a table spoon full when you feel them comimg on.