Friday, November 14, 2008

Just for Mamaw

Because she was irritated at the snaps on the diapers. ;)
Eleri wanted you to know that we're also kickin' it old school.
periwinkle.jpg picture by sweetteasoakers

She still likes to eat every 2 hours, and thinks that 3-7am is time to make a lot of noise.
I am tired on a fundamental level. John takes her in the morning and gives me an extra hour of solid sleep. I think I leave the planet during that hour. It's essential.
We went to the grocery store yesterday. It was my first solo outing with Niall and Eleri. The blonde cashier with the blue eyeshadow came and got my cart and steered it into her checkout line even though I had waaaay more than 15 items. Eleri snoozed in her pouch the whole time, and Niall was his usuall niallating self. I had to remind him to not manhandle the merchandise about every 3 minutes. Par for the course. By the time we got home I was sweating profusely, but I had accomplished! wee!
Which reminds me, we've been watching a lot of The Sound of Music lately, since Rowan is learning some of the songs in his music class. The boys love the part where Rolf kisses Liesl and she yells WEEEEEE! in the rain. Cracks me up.


Just Me said...

So cute!

Karen mom to Aaron said...

I know I have said this before but I just adore her hair. I love the sound of music!!! Thanks for the update. Hugs Karen

Grumpy said...

Wow - you are so kicking it old style... Holy Granola! (GRIN - JK) I love it.