Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Right before the big foody holiday

We get some depressing news. Eleri has reflux, and the most likely culprit is dairy in my diet.
So I'm off dairy. All of it. Even the dairy hidden in the bread, and cookies, and lunchmeat. yes! Lunchmeat has a dairy component. Go figure.
and nutella has milk in it
as does the "non-dairy" creamer for my coffee

It's a whole new world. But she's worth it.

So far today I've had peanut butter toast and a ham sandwich (Hormel natural meats are dairy free at least). I'm feeling a little deprived, so I'm researching how to make cornbread and pumpkin pie without involving the cows.

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Grumpy said...

search vegan pumpkin pie.
search vegan recipes and you'll get the dairy free component.... but you'll also end up cutting out things like eggs. hey if I can make dairy free twinkies you can make pumpkin pie and cornbread! LOL!

Also if you're a big mac 'n cheese fan, look for the ulimate uncheese book on amazon (or fav bookstore.)

Good luck!