Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Because dressing him as a hippy would be a copout

It's Retro Day at Sterling Montessori, part of their "spirit week" activities. Rowan wanted to go as Elvis, but I didn't have anything that I could turn into a leisure suit. I did, however, have a pair of courderroy pants that were almost out at the knees. And Elvis was born in 1935... So, Rowan is wearing what little boys wore when Elvis was born.
knickerbockers - because a hippy on retro day is a copout
knickerbocker detail
I love it when a craft comes together.
And I had to take the opportunity to do this NOW, before he's too old to let his mom put him in kickerbockers. When he actually thinks my skills are cool. ;)


Sarah said...

Love it! He's cute in whatever he wears of course!

Grumpy said...

LOL! Love it!