Monday, March 22, 2010

Because he asks me almost every single day

This is how much time there is left until a certain excited someone starts kindergarten.

Yes, he will be going to Sterling. He can't wait. 5 months is an eternity.

The Pixie had a weight check this morning. She's now 17lbs 11oz, up 10oz from 3 weeks ago. We're still waiting on hearing from the therapy people. I plan on calling them in the morning if I haven't heard back from them by tonight. It's easier to catch them in the morning. If I called now, I'd get voicemail and have to call back in the morning anyway.

I also stopped by the YMCA this morning and picked up a scholarship application. Joining the Y is not in our budget (when did it get so expensive to join the Y?) but if we can get a scholarship we might be able to swing it. I am a pro at filling out paperwork by now, so wish us luck in qualifying. The boys need swim lessons and I'm not patient enough to teach them when they just cling to me like little barnacles.

That's the news so far. We'll be digging up the yard pretty soon to try and fix the drainage issues. The floor is all done except for the trim and a couple of thresholds. John did a fantastic job.

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