Monday, August 23, 2010

First day of school

First day of school. For Niall, the first day of school EVER.

First day of Kindergarten, a little excited, a little scared

First day of 3rd grade, excited and familar

Woo! Let's go to school!

In the car on the way. See Niall's face? Doesn't he look excited?

Walking in. My big boys.

Niall and one of his teachers hang his bag in his cubby.
I think my hands were shaking by this point, because my pics are blurry.

He clung to John a bit.

And then he gave me this look, right when he realized that we
really were going to leave him there, and he ran over for one last hug.

I don't have any more pics because I was BEING CHEERFUL and HOLDING IT TOGETHER and trying to get out of there before I started crying. Growing up is hard! He should be finishing his lunch right now and getting ready to lie down on his little mat. I hope he's having fun.


Grumpy said...

Awe! ((hugs)) to all of you! LOL! Hope he has a good day and all gets easier from here on out!

Anonymous said...

Loved the pics. I am sure he is having an awesome time. We start Wed. =)

Drea said...

Great photos Milli!
I hope they had a great day!

Whitney B. said...
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