Monday, August 02, 2010


So, we got these pretty nice plates when we got married almost 10(!) years ago, and they are really starting to show some wear. A chip here, a crack there, some broken bowls that had to be thrown out...
It's not bad yet, but I need to start thinking of what to do about the state of the plates...

And then today we went to the Guardian Angel thrift store, and I saw 3 plates in a pattern that looked really familiar.

not my picture, but it is my plate

This plate is the pattern Indian Summer. Mom says that our plates were Old Spice, but I'm not so sure about that. This one looks way familiar. If mom didn't have it, either Aunt Jan, Aunt Mac, or Aunt Wanda did. There were only 3 plates, and they were the small size that I use for the boys, so I got them.
And then I got to thinking... 79cents a plate is pretty awesome. And old plates are pretty awesome. And Corelle does not die. I should keep my eyes open and accumulate old Corelle in random patterns and call it shabby chic. It works for me. And I bet a lot of the people who would eat on my plates would have memories attached to certain old Corelle patterns. I think this is a fabulous idea. So that's my plan. I'll let you know when I find more good ones.


kori said...

Mom had these. I have the coffee cups from the set, will bring them to you when you're here next week if you like!

geekette said...

My mom still has these (Indian Summer). Your mom may be thinking of the Spice of Life Corelle pattern. Just about everyone has a casserole dish in that pattern!

We still have (and use daily) the Shadow Iris that we got when we were first married over 26 years ago! It really lasts!

Beth (It's a Grind group)

SBG said...

I love mismatched place settings. There's a B&B up in the mountains in Hendersonville (I think) that does mismatched china when they host events and it looks fantastic.