Sunday, July 25, 2010

For Uncle Randy

Randy heard that we like to take the boys to Lowe's for their build and grow workshops, and demanded that we take pictures for him the next time we went. So here you go. This week's project was building a UFO. It has a blinky light on the top that toggles on and off. We love build and grow because the boys get to hammer, and they get a patch for their aprons for every project they do. But lame-o me needs to get to work sewing them on. We've accumulated 3 so far that I have yet to attach. oops.

First you have to lay out all your parts to make sure you have them.

Hammer stuff down.

The decal stickers are important.

Blinky light!

Finished UFOs. Time to go home and play X-Files.

1 comment:

Grumpy said...

Patch attach is a wonderful thing! :) Though it doesn't seem to hold for me for long... so I glue em first and then sew em! LOL!