Saturday, July 24, 2010

Just another Saturday

John is out mowing before it gets too hot, and I'm in here waiting for laundry to get done washing so I can hang it out, also before it gets too hot.
Did I mention it's hot? The pool is fun, but not so refreshing when it's been 100*+ for days and it feels like bathwater.
This morning we have Lowe's Build and Grow, and then Rowan has a birthday party to go to. Randy wants pictures of the boys building, so I have to remember to take the camera. Then we'll scurry to grab a birthday present (already know what to get, they just didn't have the first Harry Potter at Walmart when we went), head home to wrap it, and then one of us will take Rowan over to the party while the other one does something to make Niall feel important, too.
We also have acquired yet another animal. We recently adopted Bosco, mom's Jack Whippet (that's what we're calling him because we think he's a cross between a Jack Russel and a Whippet) and he is much loved.

Isn't he a handsome dude? He's a sweetie. Loki is jealous and trying to be all alpha at him, so I've been having to firmly establish myself as alpha. It's gone pretty well, and Bosco is learning to put up with the love that 2 boys and a baby can dish out.
And then last night we adopted another animal. Our friends got this little guy and one other for Christmas, but one died and they were going out of town for a while, so they decided to find this one a new home. His name was Agent, and his name has been elongated to Secret Agent Frog.

As far as pets go, he's super low maintence. Feed him twice a week, change his water once every few months, and his little tank takes care of the rest. He's moved in next door to Shishy III, and Niall is so happy to finally have a frog of his own. (He pestered the school receptionist without fail about her frogs every time we went to the school.)
So there you have it. That's what we're doing.
Next week our friend, Sharon, is coming to visit. And then we'll be going down to Charleston to visit for John's birthday. Fun times!

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