Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What the adjuster said

John met with the USAA adjuster today to go over the house and property and see what needs doing. It will be easier to list this out in bullets, I think...

  • The fence counts as property! That means they'll fix it. They won't replace the whole thing, but they will fix it where it got broken. Woo!
  • Any trees that are affecting property (instead of just yard) is a tree that they will handle. That means the trees that are on the fence and the tree that moved the shed are ones that they will deal with. That leaves just 1 full tree and one large piece of tree for John to deal with.
  • They will fix the shed and put it back where it started.
  • They will completely replace the roof.
  • They will replace the ceiling in the living room.
  • They will possibly replace that entire wall that the fireplace was on.
  • They will rebuild the chimney.
  • They'll give us $$ toward any property that was damaged outside (clothesline, wheelbarrow, etc.)
  • They will replace the siding. Does this mean all new siding or just patches? Don't know. We'll ask. If it's all new siding, I'm going to try to get a new color out of the deal.
  • They'll replace the floor in the bathroom that the water restoration people removed.
I'm probably forgetting things. Frankly, it's all a little overwhelming still, but I feel a lot better having a plan in place. We'll have to go to one of those extended stay places while the work is being done. I have no idea when that will start. I'm hoping we have a timeline soon.

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sdcarroway said...

That does sound like a lot to get done. I'm glad you all are ok, and I hope you get a new siding color out of it!!