Monday, May 09, 2011

A little ambition

About a week before the tornado hit, we drove out to Broadwell's nursery in Angier and got some plants. We got a maple tree for the front yard, 3 little shrubs that I think are bayberries but I could be wrong. There are no labels at Broadwell's. And we got this twig that was supposed to be a blueberry bush.
That weekend, we planted all of it. The next weekend, we got a tornado. But wouldn't you know... all the yard damage was in the back. Not a single one of our new little plants took a hit. Not even the blueberry twig.

I call it a twig because it's really not a proper bush yet, but it's in a sheltered spot that gets lots of sun, so that will change. 
I didn't expect much of it this year, what with being planted and whipped around in a windstorm and pretty much ignored in all the mayhem. But then I went out to check on it, and what do you know? This little guy has big ambition.
I'm pretty proud of the plucky little thing.


Spring said...

Winner! Now go get ten more.

(My carrots are coming up. You have no idea how surprised I am)

Grumpy said...

A little ray of hope that normalcy will return to your home! ((Hugs)) been thinking about you!

May the blueberries multiply and feed your spirit!