Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I saw it on Pinterest!

I've been really enjoying the ideas I see on Pinterest. One of the ones that caught my eye this past month was an idea for how to store Christmas ornaments. I didn't think it would take much more work to put it together than it would to wrap all the ornaments up in paper to store them, and once it was done I'd have great storage for a long time! So, I've had the box of ornaments sitting around in the living room until I remembered to go out and buy plastic cups.
Today, I remembered!

Pinterest, I love you!
I also decided that it would be better to have more smaller boxes instead of two very large boxes, so I've been packing away things in groups. A box for the stuff that goes on the mantle. A box for the stuff that goes on the tree, a box for the Advent things... I hope I'm really happy with myself next year when it comes time to get it all out again.

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