Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How I win wife of the year

Two words - Bacon Roses.

Oh yes. Bacon roses. One of the greatest ideas ever, with step by step instructions found right here on the trusty internets. So simple. So perfect for the man who would never want flowers but who would always want bacon.

I love my mini muffin pans though. I didn't want to destroy them. Lucky for me, my friend, Jenn, just moved. And in her move she found this old and battered mini muffin pan. She's such a good friend, she gave it to me for the bacon rose project. I don't have pictures of me drilling the holes. I did that outside and used a concrete block so the part I was drilling would be over open space. I also learned quickly that if you have both hands on the drill and no hands on the muffin tin, it will spin wildly when the drill bit goes through. The Pixie thought that was really funny.

Then it was on to the bacon baking. For some reason, the fake roses I got at the dollar tree had 15 flowers. The muffin tin only had 12 spaces, so I had to improvise. I figured little aluminum foil girdles would do the trick. Why not? And now if anyone ever googles "aluminum foil girdles" this site should be one of the first one that pops up.
Bacon, pre-baking, aluminum foil girdles in place
I baked them for about 30 minutes, and it worked just fine. I didn't try lifting the bacon out so the fat could drain like it suggested on the site. I forgot about that because it was lunchtime and I was hungry. But the aluminum foil girdles worked so well, that I would try it again just using those! No lifting involved, and the bottoms were crispier. This would be important if your person likes crispy bacon.
After baking. It worked so well!
Then I assembled the flowers. I'd washed mine ahead of time by swishing it around in a glass of hot, soapy water. I figured since food was going on it, that would be best. It was a slightly gross job, because bacon is greasy. It also made some of the stem bottoms slide down a bit, so I had to figure out how to get them to stay put. Note: tape does not stick to things covered in bacon grease.

But I managed to get it to work.
I can't wait for John to get home!


John's reaction:

When he first came in he said, "Pretty flowers! Where did those come from?"
And I said, "Why don't you come a little closer and smell them?
But before I even finished talking, the scent of bacon hit his nose and he said, "They're BACON!" and started laughing.
Blurry, laughing John.
Happy Valentimes!

More pics!

Yep. He likes it.

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