Saturday, February 04, 2012

Pinewood Derby, 2012

This year we have two cub scouts, so we had two little guys who made cars for the Pinewood Derby. Today was our pack's time trials, where they ran 6 different races with the top three in each group advancing to district level.
We learned something from doing it last year with Rowan, and that's that creativity can really slow down your car. This year they went for aerodynamic design.
Rowan decorated his with stickers.

Niall decorated his with rub on decals.
Both boys were very satisfied with their cars. John had to take them so they wouldn't get broken before the actual races.
Niall did pretty well. His car came in 4th place for the Tiger level races, and he got the 2nd place award for best design.

Rowan did very well this year. His car came in 3rd place in the Webelos I level races, and he got 1st place for most unique.
Because he came in 3rd, he will also go to the district level races in about six weeks. John is somewhat concerned about this, because while all of our pack does the cars as a father/son build it together thing, he's heard that other packs in the area have the dads doing all of the work, or even ordering fully built cars off the internet. So we must prepare for, as one of the other dads put it, being a Pinto in a room full of Cadillacs. No matter, Rowan's still a big winner in our book.

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Spring said...

Way to go Bowan and Niall!

Olivia did is one year in AWANA and came in second for design (was slow as a slug in the race). It was a glass slipper. :)